Sunday, July 10, 2011

The GRE Doggerel

Chastised by a cousin for ignoring the GRE exam, I went through the word list provided by him. Needless to say, they consisted of poly-syllabic tongue twisters better forgotten. But that is hardly something for me to say. What did make it worse was that one was expected to memorise the damn things! Being the sane person that I am, I did not even try to do so. I did however, play with them. I present to you, a doggerel written while trying to stay awake through a boring college day:

The GRE Doggerel

There was once a hirsute lad,
As impecunious as could be,
Given to prolix speeches,
Till he got an epiphany.

He became an effluvient demagogue,
With dreams of apotheosis,
Very trenchant with aplomb, soon
Dictator, head of armed forces.

Naturally indolent and venal,
But bellicose as could be,
Plying nostrum to fecund minds,
Receptive to his philosophy.

He never needed to amortize,
He never needed to cadge,
He abhorred contumaciousness,
Pomposity was his badge.

His palace was Arabesque,
Arboreal his back-yard,
Where his toadies poured blandishments,
As they lost against him at cards.

Perhaps some day I will put it to music. A 2/2 time signature, resembling a march I think should be appropriate for something on dictators. I am open to suggestions...


  1. Yes kidengapepo, finally! Though you saw it only two days ago...