Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh Shit, not again!

It is not often that one comes across a masterful piece of literature. Few people have the courage to be different and defy convention. Mandar Kokate does just that. From his unconventional use of language (he experiments with grammar and spelling - not to every one's taste) to his description and depiction of women (women are not good with money and require male supervision - perhaps Kokate believes that the global meltdown was caused due to the emancipation of women - he knows he is entitled to his opinion and expresses it) to North Indians (vague reference about a paan waalah), Kokate is fearless. Here is somebody who does not believe in being a politically correct pansy. Add to this a lyricism in the novel, so absent in the works of other popular young authors like Chetan Bhagat, '"Ting tong" the bell buzzed"'. Of this cloth are great artists cut.

All this I could conclude after reading only twenty pages of this masterwork - I do not own a copy, and I cannot spare the Rs. 150 to buy this truly unparalleled book.

I hope a genius like Kanti Shah or KRK can translate this to celluloid. I doubt if any one else can do justice to it.

Overall, this book is not for every one, it is in parts offensive, rude and crude and revels in it. Two classes of people may enjoy it - true geniuses like the author who "get" the book and lesser mortals like me: unjealous appreciators of true art.