Tuesday, July 26, 2011

13th July, 2011

Thunder, fire, mixed with red,
Silent bodies, a busted head
Scattered limbs and wrecked debris
Now a common sight to see

We have learnt life does go on
Even if some of us are gone
Violently they may have left
Quite a few of us bereft

But without work there is no pay
So here we continue to stay
In voiceles, strangled, helpless rage
Fettered, muted, in a cage

There really is not much to fear
For human life is not too dear
At five lacs each, life of a man
May cost you less than a small car can

And loss of sight or limbs or sound
Are cheaper yet, the government found
A compensation of fifty grand
May fetch something second hand

So toasts to courage are being raised
And Mumbai's spirit is being praised
But hollow, empty words and all
Will not cause terrorists to fall

There will be speeches and some noise
We will show restraint and poise
Then sometime later, all anew,
Bombs will go off with shooting too.

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